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  Product Hierarchy  Dividers, Labels, Retaining Bars and Lids  Dividers for small drawers

Dividers for small drawers

Gross and length dividers
  • Material: Crystal clear polystyrene PS
  • Price per pack of 10

Suitable for

  • Clear storage drawers and bins
  • Small parts storage cabinets 550
  • Small parts storage cabinets 290
  •   Magnified view
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    Product Suitability
    Drawer/ qty
    Model Availability
    Price each
    (excl. VAT)
    V-00 L-00/ 5 pieces Cross 3-4 1.78
    V-01 L-01/ 5 pieces Cross 3-4 1.88
    V-02 L-02/ 5 pieces Cross 3-4 2.40
    V-04 L-04/ 5 pieces Cross 3-4 2.50
    V-06 L-06/ 5 pieces Cross 3-4 5.00
    V-07 L-07/ 5 pieces Cross 3-4 3.92
    V-012 L-01/1 piece
    L-02/3 pieces
    Length 3-4 3.30
    V-0456 L-04/ 1 piece
    L-06/ 5 pieces
    Length 3-4 3.50
    V-078 L-07/ 3 pieces Length 3-4 4.40

    Shopping Basket
    Total:  0.00



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